Island of Rhodes

Rhodes (also Rodos or Rhodos) is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece, it covers an area of 1.398 M2 and houses a population of 112.447 of which 60.000 residents live in the city of Rodos and the rest in villages throughout the island.

At almost 260 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus, Rhodes has daily ferryboat connections with mainland Greece. There are numerous flights every day connecting Rhodes with Athens and Thessaloniki. During the holiday season (usually April to October) there are plenty of direct connections with the major European cities and a large number of charter flights.

The terrain is mainly mountainous, the highest mountain is Ataviros located almost at the exact center of the island. Olive trees, vines and other fruit producing trees are cultivated all over the island. Rhodes, being the most Southernly of all the Islands, is graced with an exceptional mediterranean climate, mild winters and sunny cool summers thanks to its sea breeze and the west winds (meltemi). The island has sunshine during most of the year. It is said: “There is hardly a day without sun”. The sunlight makes the island’s wine exquisite and gives the ibiscus (flower-symbol of Rhodes) their special, vivid red color.

Rhodes is an extremely popular destination that appeals to people of all ages. Families, couples and groups of singles all enjoy the island for relaxation, the range of activities available and the nightlife. The combination of sun, beautiful nature, clean sea waters, exceptional archaeological and historical monuments (Rhodes’ Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site), modern tourist infrastructures and relaxed life style are some the reasons that made Rhodes one of the most renown vacation spots in the world attracting thousands of tourists year after year. English is widely spoken across the island.

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